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Humans are making a comeback. Vaccines are being advanced, and many organizations are figuring out how to build back better, rather than just return “back to normal.” The entire human enterprise was shaken to the core with a once-a-century pandemic. Undoubtedly, we continue to live in challenging times. But in years to come, we can look back not only at the suffering, but also our resilience.

At FBC Asia Pacific, we have been working through lockdowns, curfews, customer activity disruptions, and much else. When the customer service representatives of a leading Australian telecom provider were barred from getting to their offices, FBC rapidly deployed a work-from-home solution to ensure smooth operations during a difficult time. When a Silicon Valley carsharing startup needed high-quality outsourcing, FBC was able to step up. Today, FBC has partnered with the fastest-growing fiberoptic provider in the Philippines to help provide internet as millions continue to work and study from home. Our counter-cyclical growth has enabled many ladies and gentlemen to earn a living while taking care of their families. We continue to be a positive force for businesses and communities!

Much of our success stems from the exceptional team at FBC. Led by CEO Siva Subramaniam, FBC has over 30 years of call center & business process outsourcing expertise. Our team has demonstrated adaptability through many previous crises and stressors: the Asian Financial Crisis, the Dot-Com Bubble Burst, the Global Financial Crisis, and much else. During the recent typhoon season in the Philippines, many FBC teammates had their houses flooded. Some could not leave their house due to the residential compound or the road to work being flooded. Yet, in true FBC fashion, our team overcome the worst. Some even braved the weather to get to the office, showing our clients that we are resilient, waterproof, take the work we do for them very seriously.

FBC also works hard to take care of our people. The low turnover at FBC is a testament to our “pro-people” approach. Our workers’ safety and health will always be paramount. While we had not allocated any relief funds for the recent typhoon since our areas were not to be affected, we have invited all workers struggling with a need for help to raise their issues with team leaders.

FBC is expanding rapidly because of the unparalleled value we offer our clients. If you would like to know more about FBC and how we can help achieve your business goals, please book a time to discuss. Rain or shine, we are ready to take on any challenge with you.

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