Joining FBC is being part of a family. – Siva Subramaniam, Founder & CEO


FBC Asia Pacific Inc. featured on Brand Magazine and introduces how they practice “Employee First” culture and provide an exceptional service to their clients. FBC Asia Pacific Inc. provides leading-edge Outsourcing and Offshore programs using Artificial Intelligence, Chat Bot and other emerging technologies to help companies maximize their revenue goals. Founded in 2019, FBC has […]

10 HR and Talent Acquisition Questions Answered by an Expert | Pinky Redoble

10-HR-and-Talent-Acquisition Questions-Answered-by-an-Expert

What is the best way to acquire TOP talent in the middle of pandemic? How to deal with Filipino staff? These, and more questions to be answered by premiere HR and Talent Expert, Ms. Pinky Redoble. If you are a current HR specialist, an aspiring entrepreneur, or an applicant of FBC Asia Pacific Inc., this […]

The Evolution of Customer Experience E12

In this episode, Chris Yap featured the Co-Founder and CEO of FBC Asia Pacific, Siva Subramaniam. Siva described the evolution of the customer experience industry from his early years in Pan-Am Airlines working as a booking agent 40 plus years ago to leading an outsourcing operation of over 14,000 employees. Siva emphasized the importance of […]

Philippines, Your Next Outsourcing Destination


Over the years, the Philippines has become an in-demand destination when it comes to outsourcing. In 2015, two cities in the Philippines – Manila and Cebu – made the top 10 global outsourcing destination list per Tholons Inc., a leading U.S.-based strategic advisory firm for global outsourcing and investments. Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) in the […]