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Engage Retain Your Contact Center Staff with COPC Inc.

FBC Asia Pacific (FBC) prides itself on creating a healthy work environment for employees while delivering quick and world-class customer service. Founded in 2019, the company has quickly grown to over 500 employees. FBC offers office-based and work-at-home options for employees located throughout the country and its headquarters in Manila, the Philippines.

The combination of the organization’s rapid expansion and a high number of new employees led FBC Co-Founder and CEO, Siva Subramaniam, to focus on its most important asset – its people. Siva and his leadership team knew they needed a plan to measure and act on employee engagement to prevent turnover. Also, they required a better understanding of their employees’ sentiments and feedback to optimize their existing processes while meeting growing client demands. With no time to waste, FBC partnered with industry expert COPC Inc. to address these challenges.

“During my entire career in Customer Experience (CXP), my focus as a leader has always been on the people (employees) I serve… COPC Inc.’s reputation as a leader in the CXP space, with many years of experience in benchmarking and auditing, meant we had a team to audit us, who understands our industry and stays abreast of the changing CXP landscape. COPC Inc.’s relevance, reference, knowledge and experience in our industry is second to none”

– Siva Subramaniam, Co-Founder and CEO of FBC

COPC Inc.’s Employee Engagement Services are fast and results-oriented. Based on our 25 years of experience in the contact center industry, we have an unrivalled understanding of the industry’s key drivers of employee satisfaction and retention. Our findings provide accurate data and actionable insights to improve employee engagement, reduce attrition, manage operational costs and improve performance.

“The results from FBC Asia Pacific have been exceptional. The management team
should be very proud of the working environment they have created. Their staff has reported much higher levels of job satisfaction compared to both local Filipino and
international benchmarks”

– Ian Aitchison, CEO of COPC Inc., Asia Pacific Region

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