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How Employee Engagement Can Take Your Business to the Next Level

Employee engagement is the extent to which employees feel passionate about their jobs, are committed to the organization, and put discretionary efforts into their work. Evaluating employee engagement aims to understand the nature of the relationship with employees to their work, both qualitatively and quantitatively. Since this creates an environment where people flourish, employers need to understand what an engaged employee looks like and how to improve engagement in the workforce.


How will you know if your employees are satisfied and engaged?   

Communication is key.  

An organization can construct a strategic plan to improve employee engagement with an engagement survey that asks the right questions and, measures the right factors. Once backed by statistics, the results can be benchmarked against competitors at home and abroad.

Organizations require a better understanding of employee sentiments and feedback to optimize existing processes while continuing to meet growing client demands.

FBC Asia Pacific recently chose COPC Inc.’s Employee Engagement Services to conduct an extensive employee survey. COPC Inc. has quickly identified opportunity areas and developed a solid action plan, based on their global and regional benchmarks.

COPC is a world-renowned management consultant that specializes in customer experience transformation. Based on 25 years of experience in the contact center industry, COPC has an unrivalled understanding of the key drivers of employee satisfaction and retention.


FBC Received an Excellent Rating 

In the recent Employee Engagement Services Survey, 88% of FBC employees submitted responses within a week of the survey’s release, a strong starting indicator. In the overall Employee Satisfaction area, FBC scored 87% compared to the Filipino Benchmarks of 74% and the Global Benchmarks of 66%. Furthermore, FBC’s overall Employee Retention data was 89%, compared to the Filipino Benchmarks of 74% and the Global Benchmarks of 72%.

Organization benefits from prioritizing employee engagement. Building a fulfilling, meaningful, and enjoyable working environment is not only excellent for employees, but also leads to improved business outcomes, such as greater productivity, efficiency, and customer satisfaction.

FBC Difference  

That is why at FBC, we focus on the wellbeing and development of our employees and embrace their individualities when conducting our business. This has allowed us to retain our employees and provide exceptional service to our clients. We provide ongoing training and development programs to all our employees, to improve their knowledge and technical know-how, and to be well-equipped managing their respective teams.

Read the full article on how FBC received an excellent rating on Employee Engagement Services Survey here.

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