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Sri Lanka: The Hidden Gem for Outsourcing

Why Choose Sri Lanka as your Competitive Outsourcing Destination?

Sri Lanka is a South Asian Island nation located in the Indian Ocean off the southeastern coast of India, known as the “Pearl of the Indian Ocean” and the “Teardrop of India”. Full of romantic landscapes, stirring mountains, lush green tea gardens, and golden beaches, the island is nothing short of magnificent.

Sri Lanka has been awarded as the Offshore Destination of the Year by the National Outsourcing Association U.K. successively in 2013 and 2014 and ranked 14th in the global services location index, calling the country “a hidden gem for outsourcing,” according to Kearney. The country also won Delivery Destination of the Year, announced by GSA (Global Sourcing Association) in 2019.

While it has long been a popular travel destination, Sri Lanka is also a suitable place to outsource.

Here are some of the reasons why Sri Lanka is considered one of the best outsourcing destinations:

The People: Highly Skilled Workforce

          Sri Lanka boasts a highly educated workforce with an average literacy rate of 92%, one of the highest in the region. Sri Lankan professionals are well-trained and highly qualified due to the educational system that ranks among one of the best in South Asia. This provides an excellent opportunity to outsource business functions to Sri Lanka: there is no shortage of skilled professionals to help you achieve your objectives effectively and efficiently.

The Talent: Technology and Software Experts

          Sri Lanka has a large pool of skilled, knowledgeable, and experienced software professionals who are ready to work on any project. The country has invested in up-to-date technology such as cloud computing, which makes it easy to adapt to rapidly changing technology. The country offers the latest technology, generating opportunities for companies to explore new business models.

The Culture: Outstanding Work Culture

          Sri Lanka has a fascinating history and culture, renowned for warm hospitality and friendly demeanor. Sri Lankans have an outstanding work ethic, which makes them highly productive and efficient employees or contractors. Their dedication and loyalty also makes them great team players who can also work independently when needed.

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