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Outsourcing is the Ultimate Solution for your Business Needs this 2022

From great resignation to inflation, it is indeed a challenging era for everyone, especially businesses of all sizes. In order to maintain steady growth and leverage despite these growing issues, outsourcing can play a big role in your business.

To understand why outsourcing is the right solution for your business, you need to know why companies choose to do it. What advantages does it bring and what values does it add to your business?  

Here are the top reasons why more businesses choose outsourcing:

01. Access to Top Talents and Experts

Acquiring great talent and a specialized workforce can be expensive, but by outsourcing you will gain access to a pool of experts and a talented workforce at a reduced cost. Experienced and talented professionals are also familiar with your needs and requirements, and they are trained on how to best meet them—whether that’s through producing high-quality products or delivering world-class customer service.

02. Creates Greater Flexibility

For companies that do not require long-term contracts and only want to outsource specific or seasonal tasks, outsourcing is your best option. Outsourcing provides flexibility as it is not just designed for large companies but businesses of all sizes. According to a 2019 study by Clutch, 37% of small businesses outsource some parts of their business process. Outsourcing offers options ranging from customizing your unique business needs to building your dream team offshore, a great solution that is specially designed for you and your company.

FBC offers a wide range of services and comprehensive outsourcing solutions that are cost-effective, flexible, and scalable. Check out our engagement model to learn more.

03. Ensures Company Focus

By outsourcing, you gain the time required for managing your business. Siva Subramaniam, CEO and co-founder of FBC Asia Pacific, shared his expert thoughts on why you need to outsource your business.

“Nobody will be an expert at everything. Outsourcers specialise in specific functions and continuously work on enhancing their skills and expertise in their respective focused areas, thereby becoming champions in their specific field. This brings about efficiencies and cost savings for companies that believe in outsourcing and leverage the expertise. Outsourcing is not throwing bombs over the fence to the outsourcer. There has to be a good business case for current and desired outsourcing before it.”


Siva is inspired by Jack Welch’s old statement, a renowned former CEO and Leader of GE (General Electric) from 1981 to 2001. Jack Welch who is now a lecturer at Harvard. GE (General Electric) was a pioneer in the outsourcing business. His theory was, stick to your core competence and outsource the rest to experts.

04. Improves Productivity and Efficiency

When you have limited resources to handle all the tasks required, it will be difficult for you to get things done on time. By outsourcing, you can reach resources that may not even be available in your own office. Need some help in graphic design? No need for you to buy graphic design software and additional computers, you can simply outsource the task to an expert and expect an outcome with a faster turnaround. 

Speaking of faster turnarounds, an outsourcing company that uses future-generation solutions and incorporates artificial intelligence (AI), automation, and other emerging technologies into their services can help you improve business productivity but also work efficiently.

05. Promotes Company Growth

When a company is growing, one has to hire more staff, purchase new equipment, and expand office location., which can be very costly. Instead of hiring local staff, consider outsourcing offshore. With offshore outsourcing, you can help expand your business by taking advantage of different skill sets, such as accounting or IT support services, all around the world at lower rates with high levels of standards set by companies like FBC Asia Pacific Inc.

Outsourcing offshore can help you set foot and gain traction in global markets. Consider building your dream team in countries like the Philippines and Sri Lanka. This gives you the opportunity to grow and scale faster without worrying about the cost and quality of the service offered.

Talk to an expert and see how outsourcing can work for you.