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5 Best Practices to Manage Your Team Offshore

5 Best Practices to Manage Your Team Offshore

Managing in-house staff could present challenges but easier to resolve as you can manage your team face to face, but how about your offshore team?

Before we start, what is an offshore team? An offshore team is a workforce that operates overseas, where your business is based.

How can you make sure they are productive and working effectively while they are not at your headquarters?

Nowadays, businesses hire team members offshore to gain access to high-level skills at a more reasonable price. Many businesses use this proven strategy to leverage their company. In order to hire one, you need to find an offshore service provider who helps you find qualified and best-fit professionals for your business.

If you have an offshore team right now, these are the 5 best practices to use to manage your team to success, plus some tools you can use.

1.Making a Clear Goal

Setting a clear and defined goal can help you direct your offshoring provider. Help your team to know your company’s mission, vision, and values. If everyone understands what they are doing, the higher the chances of accomplishing the tasks precisely.

If you also set proper expectations, your team will be most likely to know what things they need to prioritize and achieve. Providing realistic and attainable goals is crucial if you want your business strategy to succeed. Be proactive in disseminating project milestone progress reports, as this will track progress and success.

To ensure that your strategy is successful, standard operating procedures and workflow must be created, along with a framework for future growth.

2.Communicating with the Team and Scheduling Regular Meetings

To keep your team aligned and informed, schedule regular meetings. It is the perfect place to address concerns and discuss updates with your employees. This is an opportunity to be heard, which will ensure that all employees are valued.

These days, take advantage of different videoconferencing platforms such as Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, or Zoom. Not only are communication skills important for tasks, but effective communication can also improve your company’s inclusivity by catching up and sharing little engagements outside work.

Treat them just like you are all at the same office location. Although there is a major time zone difference, building strong relationships can help create a culture of collaboration. According to the researchers, working together affects our performance significantly.

3.Appointing a Team Leader

Assigning a manager or point of contact can facilitate a seamless business workflow. This person stands as a communication channel between you and the team, who will then serve as an extension of your leadership. In a recent study in 2017, leaders have been found to return significant business value.

Effective leader can boost the employees’ morale and can motivate to complete their tasks, even going beyond the mile. It is also seen in another research that both leader effectiveness and knowledge sharing behavior positively affect the work performance of the employees within the organization.

By choosing the right person, they will create a safe space and a healthy working environment for the team.

4.Providing training and assessments

Nothing beats well-equipped employees. While your outsourcing provider already has experts and highly trained individuals, investing in training opportunities is worthwhile and can be favorable. It will allow them to upskill and grow individually, making them even more enthusiastic.

You can also help your team feel more positive about their jobs by making sure they understand how well they are doing. Take periodic assessments to track progress and see if there are any areas for improvement. Be sure to celebrate small wins whenever possible.

5.Monitoring your team’s productivity

To effectively manage your team, you should use our productivity tool, Workshiftly. It helps you measure the quality and accuracy of the outputs. It will be beneficial to key performance indicators as you can monitor the productivity of your employees and keep an eye on how much time you spend on various projects.

Also, by utilizing the software, you can easily record billable hours.

There are still challenges that you will encounter, but with all these practices, maximizing your offshore team’s efficiency is within your reach. If you want to explore cost-effective solutions, FBC Asia provides outsourcing services and with highly skilled talents from the Philippines and Sri Lanka . Contact us today to learn more.

Talk to an expert and see how outsourcing can work for you.